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Christine Marie: Ground to Cloud

22 Jun

Tonight, this FURYFactory intern got to see so much amazing theater at the festival.  The night kicked off with Christine Marie’s piece Ground to Cloud, a performance that incorporates shadow puppetry, folklore, a haunting soundscape, 3D glasses, and live actors to explore the history of electric light.  Check out these clips from Christine Marie to get a feel for the piece:

It’s no surprise that Christine Marie & Ensemble won the award for most innovative theatrical experience from the New York International Fringe Festival in 2010.

Director and creator Christine Marie is an integrated media artist and director. She has been creating original work for over a decade, specializing in experimental spectacle theater, video production and design. She is a former 10 year company member of ShadowLight Productions and has studied Wayang Kulit traditional shadow puppetry in Bali. Christine Marie created puppets for “Pee Wee Live!” Currently she is also touring an installation entitled, “Shadows In Stereo,” an immersive experience in which the audience holds stereoscopic opera glasses as they traverse an atmosphere of 3D shadows.



Campo Santo: 1st element (who shot miguelito?)

22 Jun

Campo Santo’s new performance piece 1st element (who shot miguelito?) explores the history of street art in the Mission District and the history of the neighborhood itself through several vivid, dynamic characters.  This an Open Process Production which will eventually have its world premiere in 2012 at Intersection for the Arts.

This book makes an appearance in the piece

The performers use intricate movement and music to make the Mission come alive on a totally bare stage.  They become the graffiti, murals, and tags that they describe.  One moment that sticks with this FURYFactory intern happens when Miguelito, a brilliant young artist who is tragically shot, and his friend/fan, known as Eclectic, find themselves suddenly and powerfully in love as they walk down the street.  They stand before a mural of a heart, whose colors are deep and layered.  The audience only sees the mural through their faces and their expressions, but it is as clear as if it were painted on the wall at the back of the theater.  It felt like being in a room with two people who are deeply in love — everyone is silent and calm, but you can hear the conversations humming between the two lovers and between the artists and human beings who have been there before them.

A heart from the Mission Dolores mural: Source

Campo Santo’s piece makes the audience aware of the layers and layers of art that adorn the walls of the Mission.  And more than that, the art talks.  You cannot ignore it.  The neighborhood is alive in more ways than you can even count.