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Interview with Hand2Mouth

21 Jun

We got to interview Hand2Mouth and ask them about the process they used to create Everyone Who Looks Like You, which ran last weekend at TJT.  They are awesome.



Interview with Travis Rowland of Deb Slater Dance Theater

16 Jun

We sat down with the talented Travis Rowland, member of Deb Slater Dance Theater, to chat about the festival and his performance background.  You can see Deb Slater Dance Theater’s work-in-progress presentation of Private Life and dreaming on night blooms tonight at 7pm at The Jewish Theatre.

We also asked Travis about Deb Slater Dance Theater’s process and about his training background.

Interview with Inkblot Ensemble’s Justin Liszanckie

15 Jun

Justin Liszanckie is a Bay Area actor working with Inkblot Ensemble in their production of Satellites (a work-in-progress which you can see tonight at NOHSpace, 7:30pm)He plays Jack, a modern man who crosses a threshold into a strange world inhabited by Jupiter’s abandoned lovers.  This is Justin’s first experience with an ensemble-based company and process.  We met with him earlier this week to chat about his experience so far.

This is what’s so great about FURYFactory and doing this show with Inkblot — we have had the opportunity to totally explore.  We haven’t been so focused on the finished product, which is strange for me, but great.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the process, or learned a lot.   It’s been fun to explore and see how the piece has evolved.

We’ll get to points and ask, “what’s actually going on here?”  “Why is this character saying this?” “What are these relationships?”  Pretty much everyone throws their hands up and says, “ah, we don’t know!”  But somehow we find a way to discover what those relationships are, and they’ll continue to be fleshed out as the work progresses towards the full production next year.

It’s been a really liberating work environment.  [Amy Clare Tasker’s]  been great to work with. I like the fact that she’ll come in and say, “I don’t necessarily know what’s going on in this scene either.” As opposed to directors who don’t give you any space in which to operate.

I really don’t know what I’ll feel like going onstage on Tuesday and Wednesday when we put this thing up.  But I think it will be some kind of wild ride!

These women are amazing.  They’ve put so much time and effort into this piece.  I’m totally in awe of them, and also intimidated by them [laughs].  Misti and Maria are both in the show and wrote it.  Amy’s directing.  Meg is a writer. And they’re all in the rehearsal room together, obviously.  They’re just so smart and creative and have really created a beautiful piece of theater.

You can catch Satellites tonight at 7:30pm at NOHSpace.  (Go here for tickets.)