Tonight: Deb Slater Dance Theater and The Theater Gardeners

15 Jun

Come to The Jewish Theatre tonight at 8pm for a stellar works-in-progress double-feature.  For tickets and more information, head over here.


The Theater Gardeners presents Fragments from Artaud’s Desk, a whirlwind of a ride through Antonin Artaud’s prescriptions for the theater. A highly physical event, teetering between madness and clarity, life and death.


Deb Slater Dance Theater presents two works-in-progress: Private Life and dreaming on night blooms

From Deb Slater Dance Theater's production of Men Think They Are Better Than Grass (source)


Private Life asks how does one hold a warrior and an artist in the same brain and body?  How is one a soldier and a dancer at the same time? Compare and contrast. The Art of War meets The Art of Love.  The second study.

dreaming on night blooms is a series of experiments as research for a fall show on aging, premiering at ODC Theater in October.


This Saturday: Ragged Wing Workshop

15 Jun

Ragged Wing Ensemble is offering an awesome workshop on Saturday from 2pm to 5pm at The Jewish Theatre.  It’s called Teaching the Teacher: Ensemble Skills.  You can register here!




Inquire Within Presents “suggestions from correctionville” Tonight and Tomorrow

14 Jun

Come See Inquire Within’s Work-in-Progress “suggestions from correctionville” tonight at 7:30pm at Noh Space.


suggestions from correctionville pokes more than a little fun at our human proclivity to seek proof, or heap on commentaries from a distance rather than committing ourselves.  Audience is invited to contribute responses to various characters throughout their struggles to commit to identity and action in the face of uncertainty.  Sound artist Dave Defilippo joins director and writer, Lisa Leaverton, and performers of (inquire within) in this exploration of remoteness and presence, the struggle involved in our struggles, and the ease in our ease.

The Stenographers “Huetopia” Opens Tonight

14 Jun

Come see Huetopia by The Stenographers tonight at 8pm at The Jewish Theatre. The production is part of FURYFactory’s Work-in-Progress Double-Feature.


Enter a world where tasting a lemon arouses bright bursts of magenta and touching a smooth stone summons the smell of sour milk.  For Vladimir Nabokov it was “colored hearing,” but Synesthesia can spill the senses in a number of spectacular and sometimes frightening ways. Experience this phenomenon through the eyes of Synesthetes from the past and present in this evokative theater-investigation.

The Stenographers come to us from New York and feature T. David, Debra Disbrow & Damaris Webb.

For some introductory reading on Synesthesia, check this website out.

Inkblot Ensemble Opens “Satellites’ Tonight at Noh Space

14 Jun

Come see San-Francisco-based Inkblot Ensemble perform a Work-in-Progress tonight at Noh Space, 7:30pm.

Satellites tells an irresistible story.

Jupiter: god of storms, wielder of thunderbolts; insatiable, undeniable lover to any and all who caught His divine eye. Once embracing Io as a cloud, Ganymede with eagle’s talons, Leda in the guise of a swan, Europa as a smooth white bull, now the god has vanished. Abandoned by their abductor, the lovers are still trapped in His gravitational pull. In a dreamlike expression of eternity, these discarded conquests ache to make sense of their endless orbit. When Jack, a modern man, crosses the threshold into their strange world, they become part of each other’s past and discover startling truths about the future.

Behind the Fringe recently interviewed Inkblot ensemble member Meghan O’Connor.  She describes a bit of the evolution of both this work-in-progress and of the ensemble itself:

“The germ came from a love of Greek mythology and a love of space. In 2009, two of the founding members wanted to explore the conquests of Jupiter and their shared history. Another member saw the opportunity to work in some of her Space-Geek, and all together, the four members wrote an ode to myth, science and the baby-boomers.”

Splinter Group’s “Threshold” Opens Tonight

14 Jun

Tonight, come see Splinter Group’s Threshold, part of FURYFactory’s Work-in-Progress Double-Feature at The Jewish Theatre.

Written and directed by Lucinda Otto, Threshold explores that rite of passage that we call divorce. What does it mean to watch the person you love become a stranger? What do you do when you have to save your own life? Told with humor and love, Threshold explores how we find and lose love, how we lose and find ourselves and how we help each other along the way. Sometimes, the most important thing is to hang on to your safety gear and hold on for your life.

What Lucinda Otto Has to Say

In a recent interview, Lucinda Otto talks about the evolution of this play.

“The idea started as a one-woman show about my own divorce, but as I started to talk to people about the project and hear their stories I became interested in the universal nature of the experience. People’s experiences go back and forth between intensely personal and things that are common to so many of us, and that is interesting. It’s called Threshold because when you cross a threshold, you never go back. You are changed forever. It’s a rite of passage. Also, you have a pain threshold – the point at which you can take no more and you have to make a change. Both are a good metaphor for divorce,”

Otto, who lives with her two daughters in Noe Valley, has been acting and making theater for years.  Threshold is the first play she’s ever written for adults.

“Threshold is my first piece by adults, for adult audiences about something that is very close to me, so it’s exciting, and scary. “

The Convening Is Here!

11 Jun


The Convening on Artistic Excellence has arrived! Tune in live-stream style from noon to 5pm as we discuss excellence in ensemble-based theater. Follow our TWITTER feed for live updates, information about the live-stream, and reactions to the discussion.