Interview with The Stenographer’s T. David:

FF:  What drew you and your collaborators to this festival?

TD:  I’m a member of foolsFURY and have been for six years, but I’ve lived in New York for the past two years.  So, I’m here for the festival when it happens every two years, either working with foolsFURY on a project or bringing something of mine here.  It’s a good opportunity to come from the east coast to the west coast and to reconnect with the company.

I went to Naropa University, and my two collaborators are from there.  It’s great to introduce them to the festival, because it keeps growing every year.  This is such a good networking opportunity, and such a good opportunity to show self-created work.  There aren’t a ton of venues for that.

FF:  When did you start working on “Huetopia?”

TD:  December.

FF:  And did you have FURYFactory in mind when you began working on the project?

TD:  Yes, and now I think we’ll continue to work on it, get it produced, and put it up in New York at some point.

FF:  Are there any questions that you wish people would ask you about your work or about your art?

TD:  I guess it would be good to get asked, “why do you do what you do?”  Or something about community and building community.  Theater is a forum, you can put something on stage and it can provoke discussion.  I’m a big fan of that.


Interview with Lucinda Otto, Playwright of Splinter Group’s Threshold

FF:  Can you talk a bit about what drew you to the festival and what your process was like leading up to this production?  You’ve mentioned in the talk-backs that you used “harvested dialogue” to create Threshold (pulling direct quotes from the people you’ve interviewed about marriage and divorce).  What did the process of rehearsing this piece look like?

LO:  Actually, this piece started because I took a directing workshop with foolsFURY taught by them.  And Ben Yalom gave me some really good guidelines about how to do it, how to put this play together.  So, I workshopped it for the first time in November, and I got to collaborate with foolsFURY company member Deborah Eliezer.  She was really interested in the topic, and we had a great experience with the workshop in November.  I felt really lucky to have the opportunity to stage Threshold again at this particular festival.   I feel like foolsFURY has really helped incubate this piece.

It’s great to be part of the festival where everyone’s exploring ensemble theater, and you are part of all of these other projects happening at the same time that are exploring what ensemble-based theater is.  It’s a really rich experience to be part of.


Interview with Travis Rowland, Member of Deb Slater Dance Theater

Part 1:

Part 2:  We asked Travis what the process was like creating this work-in-progress presentation of “dreaming on night blooms”


Interview with Justin Liszanckie, Member of Inkblot

FF:  Justin, this is your first experience with creating ensemble-based theater.  Can you talk a bit about what the process has been like for you creating Satellites?

JL:  This is what’s so great about FURYFactory and doing this show with Inkblot — we have had the opportunity to totally explore.  We haven’t been so focused on the finished product, which is strange for me, but great.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the process, or learned a lot.   It’s been fun to explore and see how the piece has evolved.

We’ll get to points and ask, “what’s actually going on here?”  “Why is this character saying this?” “What are these relationships?”  Pretty much everyone throws their hands up and says, “ah, we don’t know!”  But somehow we find a way to discover what those relationships are, and they’ll continue to be fleshed out as the work progresses towards the full production next year.

It’s been a really liberating work environment.  [Amy Clare Tasker’s]  been great to work with. I like the fact that she’ll come in and say, “I don’t necessarily know what’s going on in this scene either.” As opposed to directors who don’t give you any space in which to operate.

I really don’t know what I’ll feel like going onstage on Tuesday and Wednesday when we put this thing up.  But I think it will be some kind of wild ride!

These women are amazing.  They’ve put so much time and effort into this piece.  I’m totally in awe of them, and also intimidated by them [laughs].  Misti and Maria are both in the show and wrote it.  Amy’s directing.  Meg is a writer. And they’re all in the rehearsal room together, obviously.  They’re just so smart and creative and have really created a beautiful piece of theater.


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