FURY Factory is a San Francisco/Bay Area bi-annual, national three-week festival of cutting edge works created by ensemble theater companies. Partly inspired by festivals such as PS 122, HERE and Under the Radar in New York, FURY Factory serves to connect West Coast audiences to the ongoing national theater conversation that exists outside of big box touring companies.



FoolsFURY enlightens and inspires the human spirit through vital, thought-provoking theater and theater training. We tell timeless stories in startling, unexpected ways, rich with excitement awe and outrage.

FoolsFURY is a San Francisco-based theater ensemble, founded in 1998 by Ben Yalom and a group of artists eager to revitalize the role of theater in America as a form of accessible and diverse artistic expression. We innovate constantly, focusing on inspired uses of the body in creating narrative, and offering visceral experiences for our audiences that cannot be replicated on film or television.

Our works include original plays, contemporary works that lend themselves to deep exploration, and classics of world theater the we de- then re- construct. We see theater as the nexus of many art forms, and collaborate with fantastic artists from many disciplines.

In addition to creating and touring new works, we curate and produce the biennial FURY Factory Festival, a national three-week festival of cutting edge works created by ensemble theater companies





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